Soil Health

We make the world's best fulvic acid fertilizer, sustainably.

Restores the Earth

Our sustainable manufacturing process goes one step further to enrich our soil, clean our water, and saves our forests.

Benefits Farmers

Our fertilizer supports soil health, vital to productive and sustainable farming systems.

Reduces CO2

Our fertilizer production process reduces the CO2 released in the decomposition of wheat straw.

Tranlin Fertilizer

Our soil supplement is a unique combination of organic acids and plant nutrients.

Fulvic Acid is derived from natural humics. It can dissolve in acid, alkali, and water solution. Fulvic acids are poly-electrolytes and are unique colloids that when used in agricultural application provide key nutrients to soil microorganisms.[1]

Increases Resilience

  • Augment pest resistance
  • Increase disease resistance
  • Increase drought resistance
  • Increase cold resistance

Improves Soil Structure

  • Increases water-holding capacity
  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Increases soil malleability

Increases Yield

  • Increases nutrient uptake
  • Increases root system growth
  • Buffers soil pH in some circumstances