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Video Highlights: Tranlin Groundbreaking Ceremony (October 2015)

Tranlin, Inc. Groundbreaking Ceremony

Terry McAuliffe

Zhu Hong

Chairman Hongfa Li

Zhang Xuanyu

Tranlin, Inc. Breaks Ground on Straw Comprehensive Utilization Project

Tranlin, Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of a leading Chinese pulp and paper company, officially broke ground today on its first U.S. operation, a $2 billion advanced manufacturing facility. Tranlin’s investment is located in Chesterfield, Virginia and will generate more than 2,000 direct jobs in Virginia by 2020.

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What we’re doing here today is a renaissance for America and the commonwealth of Virginia, and Tranlin is the first flag down.

— Governor Terry McAuliffe,
WRIC-TV 10/22/2015

Tranlin Leads Session WITH UVA Darden AND CEIBS To Foster Global Entrepreneurism

During a recent trip to the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, students from the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) studied the U.S. growth of Tranlin, Inc., a China-based agribusiness and consumer products company that recently announced plants to invest in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the U.S.

The CEIBS Entrepreneurial Ecosystems program, which was hosted by Darden’s Center for Global Initiatives, aims to provide CEIBS students with a deep dive into the development and growth of entrepreneurial ventures in the U.S., while also strengthening Darden’s bonds with an international partner school and its community.

Tranlin Chief Financial Officer Jill Douthit and Director of Strategic Development and Corporate Secretary Yue Zhu walked students through the complexities of international investment- issues ranging from finding the perfect plot of land to overcoming preconceived notions about the environmental stewardship of a Chinese company.

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Image: Richmond Times-Dispatch, October 2015

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China-based Tranlin breaks ground on $2 billion plant in Chesterfield

Executives with the company and diplomats from China’s embassy in Washington joined state and local officials for the ceremony at the site of the future plant, now an 850-acre field along the James River near Willis Road...

...Tranlin will not use fiber derived from trees to make its paper products. Instead, the company said it will buy agricultural byproducts from farmers, such as leftover wheat and corn stalks after harvest, to make paper products including tissue and tableware.

The factory also will produce an organic fertilizer that can be returned to farm fields.

Chesterfield's Tranlin paper mill expects to start early production in 2018

Tranlin Inc.’s $2 billion paper plant in Chesterfield County, scheduled to be fully operational in 2020, will start partial production as early as 2018, a company official said Thursday.

Unfinished paper will be shipped from China to be turned into finished products in Chesterfield, said John Stacey, senior vice president of marketing and product development.

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Chinese modesty, Meet Virginia’s Governor Superlative

It is the biggest deal Terry McAuliffe has pulled off so far as governor, the largest Chinese investment in Virginia history. But who is bragging?

Not Tranlin Inc. The Chinese company, which broke ground outside Richmond this week on a $2 billion plant that will create 2,000 manufacturing jobs and churn out environmentally friendly paper, issued a news release for the occasion that was a model of understatement.

“We try to stay low profile as Confucius taught us,” said Tranlin chief executive Jerry Peng.

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Image: Chesterfield Business News, June 2014

$2 Billion Project with 2,000 Jobs Coming to Chesterfield County

"Governor Terry McAuliffe announced today that Shandong Tranlin Paper Co., Ltd., a leading Chinese pulp and paper company formerly known as Shandong Tralin Paper Co., Ltd., will invest $2 billion over five years to establish its first U.S. advanced manufacturing operation in Chesterfield County. The new manufacturing facility in the paper and fertilizer sectors will be located on an 850-acre campus in the James River Industrial Center. Virginia successfully competed against several other states for the project, which will create 2,000 new jobs by 2020."

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The scope and reach of this project is enormous and has significant impacts on both the business and agriculture communities.

— Jay Stegmaier, County Administrator for Chesterfield County
Chesterfield Business News 6/18/2014

Chinese paper company invests in Virginia straw

"In the fertile Virginia fields, farmers grow alfalfa, soybeans and corn. For years, Kevin Engel has been looking for a market for leftover corn stalks and straw from his wheat harvest.

Right now, Engel sells some of his straw to mushroom farmers 400 kilometers, about 250 miles, away. However, he hopes he will soon be selling his corn husks to the Tranlin Paper Company.

Tranlin’s paper comes from both leftover straw, corn stalks and husks, and other so-called feed stock that a lot of farmers simply throw away or till under."

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The Tranlin operation in Chesterfield County represents a project of historic proportions for Virginia.

— Maurice Jones, Virginia Secretary of Commerce and Trade
Chesterfield Business News 6/18/2014

Image: UVAToday, June 2014

U.Va. Darden Graduate’s Company Invests $2 Billion and Will Create 2,000 Jobs in Virginia

"The project will bring jobs to Virginia and will have direct and indirect economic impacts through additional revenue for farmers and investment back into the community through higher paying jobs at Tranlin.<?

The economic benefit to farmers in the region could exceed $50 million annually, when the business gets under way.

Jerry Zhiyuan Peng, chair and CEO of Tranlin, has roots in Virginia. He is a 2003 alumnus of the University of Virginia Darden School of Business and member of the Darden School Foundation Board of Trustees."

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[Tranlin’s] primary waste byproduct is actually made into fertilizer, so the entire process is a 360-degree environmental circle.

— Will Davis, Chesterfield County, Previous VA Economic Development Director
Chesterfield Observer 2/11/2015

Growing Prosperity

Virginia agribusinesses keep the Commonwealth’s economy strong

"Virginia’s business-friendly climate helped lure Tranlin, a subsidiary of China-based Shandong Tranlin Paper Co., to Chesterfield County. The company, which manufactures chlorine-free paper products made from agricultural residuals such as wheat straw, plans to invest $2 billion over the next five years and create 2,000 new jobs in the Richmond area...

...'The impact of this is huge. When you look at this level of investment, you’re talking about a future impact that includes real estate taxes, tools and machinery tax and corporate income tax.

'You’re talking about jobs being generated and the results those jobs create – the homes and the apartments that will be built or rented, the consumer goods and services that will be purchased. It just impacts the entire region and state,' says Will Davis, director of Chesterfield County’s Department of Economic Development.

Davis says the arrival of Tranlin, which uses agricultural waste in its production process, will also have a significant financial impact on the region’s farmers."

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This announcement comes from a leading company that manufactures great products while staying focused on the environment, recycling, and sustainability.

— Jay Stegmaier, County Administrator for Chesterfield County
Chesterfield Business News 6/18/2014

Image: PaperAge Magazine, Nov/Dec 2014

Tranlin in Virginia: Harbinger of a New Trend? Or Two? Three?

Tranlin's Proprietary “Green” Technology

"Tranlin will use proprietary technology to produce tree-free, non-chlorine bleached paper products made from 100% agricultural field waste such as wheat and corn stalks. They will also use proprietary technology to convert the black liquor into organic humus-based fertilizer that will be marketed to specialty and organic farmers throughout the U.S. The combination of using wheat straw, which is harvested in the spring, and corn stalks, which are harvested in the fall, will help Tranlin overcome one of the wheat straw pulp mill’s issues — timely supply of raw materials."

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Governor McAuliffe Announces 2,000 new jobs in Chesterfield County

"Tranlin’s new manufacturing facility in the paper and fertilizer sectors will be located on an 850-acre campus in the James River Industrial Center. Based on analysis performed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and Virginia Tech Cooperative Extension, the economic benefits of this operation will be felt throughout the agriculture sector, from new demand for agricultural equipment, to new jobs for direct and indirect agricultural jobs.

Image: Virginia Commerce Quarterly.

In addition, this project will help preserve farmland by providing farmers a new opportunity to derive additional economic return from their land and equipment, creating positive economic pressure to maintain it in farming use. The harvest of straw in the spring and corn stalks in the fall for use by Tranlin will be two new cash crops for Virginia producers, in addition to other fibrous products from the surrounding area. From an environmental standpoint, the harvest of these agricultural residuals is compatible with the Chesapeake Bay-friendly no-till crop production practices these producers are already using. In addition, Tranlin prides itself on a process that leads to an environmentally friendly effluent, resulting in the discharge of quality, clean water."

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